Friday, November 26, 2010

Adult A.D.D.

I think there is something wrong with me--I seem to have lost my ability to finish things.  This became really apparent when I organized my work desk today.  Just look at all the half-finished projects:
That's Heather P's English saddle on the Victrix.  It's been done for a month or more... except for the bridle!  Anne's Western saddle needs stirrups and cinches, a bridle and a breastplate.  Vicky's harness bridle is stuck at the halfway point, and Danielle's pony set is waiting on stirrups and leathers.  My Charro set won't be complete until I add those last few conchos and finish the bridle, and Teresa's Western bridle needs longer reins.

My friend and fellow tackmaker has been maintaining a grueling two-saddle-a-week pace as she prepares for her Christmas holidays.  I don't have the energy to attempt anything that radical, but perhaps I can aim to get all of these projects wrapped up by this time next week.  That would be almost as impressive as making two saddles, right? 


  1. Yes! I just finished my very long project and a few small ones. Sometimes it helps to pick an easy one to finish just so you can cross it off the list ;).

  2. Um, yes! I'm pulling for you :)

  3. At least you've started...

    Won't post my name, due to the shame of slumpage. There are probably hits out on my sorry behind.

  4. LOL Jennifer! Yeah, 2PW is going okay so far, though Ben is not a fan of it since I run straight back upstairs every day after dinner.

    Perhaps I should learn to relax a little bit...

  5. I've been in a slump/funk for weeks. Nothing works... At least all your unfinished stuff looks good! I've trashed 4 pieces trying to make the parade set I'm working on.
    You can finish them! You just have to have discipline! Which I seem to be lacking at the

  6. Your studio looks quite similar to mine in this post. I have so many projects that I've started and then decided to start on something else. None of it ever seems to get done. *Sigh*