Monday, April 12, 2010

The joy of shopping

The tooth fairy has visited Ryan several times recently and that money has been burning a hole in his pocket. Yesterday he asked if I would please, please, please take him to a hobby shop. He simply had to buy himself a model helicopter. His whole world just might collapse if he didn't get another helicopter.

Fortunately for Ryan, I was sympathetic to his plight. I remember feeling that way when I was his age, although, of course, I wanted a horse not a helicopter!
Model helicopters aren't like model horses--they don't come pre-assembled. Of course, this is a large part of the appeal for Ryan. He loves building things.
The finished product and one very satisfied almost ten year old!
I hadn't planned to buy myself anything, but I think you can all guess how that worked out...
These photo boxes were on sale for $1.50 each. I've been working on getting all my old photographs sorted and scanned, so this deal was much too good to pass on.
It was the jewelry findings aisle, however, that was my real undoing. Is there a tackmaker anywhere who can resist the appeal of so many shiny little parts and pieces?
Those chains will be just perfect for Arab halter throatlatches and the crimp beads are just the right size to decorate Western romal reins. Mind you, I do not have orders for either of those things, but I might someday, right?


  1. Just hope that Ryan never wants to do the RC helis. Jase got one that was indoor flight approved and got the propellers stuck in my hair! He's sticking to his 3D planes for now but he's been making noises about getting an outdoor electric heli again.

  2. Oh, Teresa! OUCH!

    I remember the days of 'boy who builds stuff' too.

  3. Oh, we've had a whole series of little indoor RC helicopters. Ryan is pretty good at flying them, but I have one in my hair--not fun!

  4. I think I came home with that exact assortment plus some about a month ago! I love those ball and chain necklaces :). And they have three or four that are model scale too.