Thursday, May 28, 2009

Billy and Blaze

My kids' school is about five or six blocks from my house. It's close enough to walk, and we often do. Sometimes, however, I am busy or lazy, and I end up taking the car instead. Yesterday I was completely immersed in building that English saddle so it became a driving day. I arrived at the school a little before the final bell, which gave me time to notice that the outdoor picnic tables were covered in kids' books. I didn't really look at the titles, though, until the principal came over and announced that the books were free for the taking. The Boy Scouts had donated a LOT of books to the school, and each student had been allowed to pick two or three titles. The books on the table were the unwanted leftovers.

My kids have LOTS of books so I didn't really plan to take any. Still, I had to look. Here is what I saw: And I ask you, how could these classics possibly be leftovers? Where are all the little horse crazy girls? Surely there's at least one child in that school who wants a shelf full of horse books... Of course I wasn't about to leave these good, old C.W. Anderson books behind. They're on my shelf now, and tonight my kids will be forced to listen to them. It would have been better if they had gone to a horse loving child, but at least someone is going to appreciate them even if that someone is me!


  1. Wow, those are good ones! I wouldn't have left them there either!

  2. Oh my goodness! I love Billy & Blaze! I have almost the entire collection, and I adore them. They're something that will be passed down to my kiddos, many years in the future :D

    I adore C.W. Anderson though. I have a beautiful mare and foal lithograph that my parents found at an antique store and gave to me. It's hanging proudly on my wall.

  3. I am glad you took them! I found some in the local St. Vincent de Paul store and had to bring them home. I must have read them a zillion times when I was a kid and just love them. I used to be an Anderson, first name is a C., middle initial M so I used to pretend he was related to me or it was me who drew the pictures ;), they just got the middle initial upside down, HA.