Sunday, May 31, 2009

More extreme baby cuteness

Remember Austin?Cara and I went out to visit him today. He is now two and a half weeks old and is filling out nicely. He is also no longer an only child. His half sister Iris was born eight days ago and she is just as cute as can be. I'm partial to fillies and chestnut is my favorite color, so it's no surprise that I am now completely in love with this new little girl.
And it's not just me--I'm pretty sure I heard Cara say that she would happily trade her younger brother for a filly like this. Sorry Nate!We helped Fran turn Iris and her mother Pixie out in the indoor arena.
This was Iris' first time out in the big wide world and she thoroughly enjoyed the freedom.
I think her mama enjoyed it too!
Both Austin and Iris are purebred Arabians by the well known stallion Baske Afire ( Austin's biological mama is a Muscat granddaughter named Musk Be Darling. Iris' maternal grand dam is Miss Allison, a reserve national Champion. She's the little red mare that Cara usually rides.
There are still two more expectant mama mares left to foal. Both are due in the next two weeks, so prepare yourself for even more baby cuteness in the days to come!


  1. Awwwwww! They are super cute. I just want to kiss their little noses. Hope to hear more about them.

  2. Simply adorable! No babies here this year, thank goodness, but I do miss seeing their reactions to everything when they begin to learn about the world.

  3. Nate is not available for trading but I have to agree they sure are cute. Cara is still floating from the great day! Thanks, as always for taking her.

  4. Ooooo! That chestnut filly can move!