Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our NAN Auction Donation

At long last, here are pictures of Jennifer Buxton and Jane Schneider's 2009 NAN Auction set. We're calling this set "On the Oregon Trail" to reflect both the location of this year's show and the contents of the set itself.
Although this set will fit a wide variety of traditional sized models, it looks especially nice on Lisa Sharpe's new XTara endurance Arabian resin. Thank you so much to Lisa for letting us use XTara in this photo shoot!
The saddle was designed to fit both models and dolls. The stirrups are adjustable.The auction set includes two dolls (a rider and a veterinarian), a saddle, bridle, girth, crupper, breastplate and water bottle with holder. The only thing in this picture that is not included is the saddle stand.
Here's a better look at the saddle.
The other side.This picture of the saddle's seat best reflects its true color.Here's a look at the underside of the saddle. It's always important to me that the bottom of my saddles looks just as good as the top.
The combination halter/bridle is made of dark brown kangaroo lace with gold toned hardware. All the buckles have tongues and rollers. The cast eggbutt snaffle bit is from The World of Model Horse Collecting, and the reins are a four strand round braid in the NAN colors of black and purple.The girth just might be my favorite part of the entire set. It features an elastic center section, black "neoprene" lining and gold tongue buckles with rollers.The fully adjustable breastplate should fit a wide variety of traditional sized models.This set also includes a removable water bottle holder that can be attached to either the front or back of the saddle.Sorry the pictures aren't better. It's grey and rainy again and I had to use a lot of artificial lighting. I think you will find that this set looks much better in person.
Happy trails and good luck to everyone bidding on any of the amazing lots in this year's NAN auction!


  1. This is a really sharp set--and it looks fantastic on that horse!

    Thank you for the vet in coveralls!! :D

  2. Awesome set! Well done. The high bidder is going to be very happy!

  3. O my gosh the set looks amazing !!

  4. It looks great! I love your work, and it was a great idea, too :-)

  5. Thanks everyone for the compliments. I really struggled with this one and I'm glad that it's being so well received.

    All the credit for the dolls goes to Jane--she did such a good job on them. Thanks too to Jackie for suggesting the lab coat be replaced with coveralls!

  6. Have I ever told you I am in complete and total awe of your work? If not, I'm sayin' it now!

  7. Emily, that is the nicest compliment ever! Thank you so much for making my day.

  8. What a nice set! Love the detailed stitching on the seat of the saddle!