Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rain, rain go away!

Today is Mother's Day. I am not really a breakfast in bed and flowers kind of mother. I'd much rather mark the holiday with some kind of fun family event. This year's planned outing is right up my alley--a two hour trail ride in the mountains. The horses have been booked for a week, and we've been reading books like "My First Pony" and "The Little Fellow" in anticipation of the big day. The kids have been so excited which made this morning's grey skies and rainy weather seem especially cruel. It's been bright and sunny all week--why, oh why did that have to change today?

We were supposed to ride at ten o'clock, then twelve o'clock. Currently we're aiming for two o'clock. Every time I call they tell me it's cold, foggy and rainy. I think that's my cue to cancel the ride, but I can't seem to bring myself to do it. Instead, I just keep pushing it back and hoping. It's funny to be on this side of things. I remember watching storm clouds gathering over the mountains when I was working as a wrangler and really wishing that I could talk my guests out of the afternoon ride. People are funny, though. If they've paid to stay at a guest ranch, they expect to ride. They are not inclined to listen to weather warnings from a twenty one year old college student in a cowboy hat.

Unfortunately for everyone, it didn't take a meteorologist to predict an incoming storm in that part of the world. If I thought it was going to rain, it nearly always did. There were a lot of afternoon rides that started out sunny but ended up like this. Not fun! I should probably call the stable again and reschedule our ride for next weekend. I know that would be the best plan, but I really, really don't want to do that. I'm still holding onto the hope that the clouds will part and the sun will shine. It could happen, right?


  1. So what happened? Did you get to ride or have to change plans?

  2. We ended up rescheduling the ride for this coming Saturday. Hopefully the weather will cooperate this time around!

  3. That's a really cool gift. And I love the idea of reading books to get excited for the ride. The Little Fellow is one of my favorite books. And that chestnut in the front of the picture is so pretty. She reminds me a lot of a horse my friend had before she had to sell her. Anyway, have a good time on your ride.