Sunday, May 24, 2009

Devilish Kokopelli Live

Colorado has a lot of great shows, but year after year Devilish Kokopelli Live is one of the very best. Held Memorial Day weekend at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Golden, Colorado, this show has something for everyone--tons of divisions, lots of classes, great raffle items, and really good judges. Showholders Heather Roell and Teresa Fedak do an absolutely super job of making this show special and this year's edition was perhaps the best so far. I showed in three divisions--Resin Halter, Custom Halter and Performance. The resin halter and performance divisions were both judged by Christie Partee of Texas. I do not know how she did it, but despite large classlists, both divisions were done before four o'clock. It was awesome. There was no hurry up and wait. Everything just flowed from one class to another pretty much without any interruptions. The only downside was that I was so busy, I simply didn't have time to take many pictures. Here are the few I did take. Hope you enjoy them! This is the chaos that was my table.I ran out of room on my table, so my NAN auction donation hung out on Jane Schneider's table. Doesn't it look great with Jane's doll and Lisa Sharpe's XTara resin?I always intend to take pictures of people as well as models. Somehow, though, it just doesn't seem to happen. Here are all three of my "people pictures" from yesterday. This is Teresa Buzzell, better known as "Flicksmom", getting ready for a performance class.I was surprised and happy to see my friend Regan. She is nine months pregant but still managed to show a few horses. We joked about her going into labor in the showhall. Do you think that would be a first for the hobby?
Karen Gerhardt came to help out and say goodbye. She will be leaving Colorado next week to spend two years in England with her husband. We're all going to miss her! I was so busy with my resins and performance horses that I only managed to make one little trip to the other side of the show hall. Probably it's just as well. I think if I spent too much time looking at shiny things like this, I would probably have to own one (or two or three...).Part of the Custom Glaze China callback table. Such pretty shiny horses!Here are my pictures from the resin division. The draft horses were first. I don't really collect drafts, but I would be able to find room for a Eberl Babette. This is Sherre Tulley's new Octopussy resin. This horse was sculpted By Brigitte Eberl and painted by Sheila Bishop Anderson. It's a really nice sculpture. I wish I had managed to get one before it sold out.Sheila's lovely Ravenhill Revisited resin was fifth in the Paint class. If you liked the original Ravenhill, you will absolutely love this updated version. He is so much more correct, particularly though the legs. I would trade a whole pile of tack for one of these guys...A very nice Appaloosa Lone Star.Three of my horses on the Stock Breed callback table.Jane's beautiful new Indy painted by Sheila was the Spanish/Gaited division champion.
Jane's showstring is small but mighty. Her AA Trotting Pony was Resin Pony Champion. Here's a look at some of the winners from the resin foal division. Four of these lovely babies belong to me! My own little Rajun Cajun (sculpted by Carol Williams, painted by Chris Nandell) was named Champion Foal and moved on to the final resin callbacks.
Here's a look at my other three division champions/reserves. The little Bubba pony resin is Jolly Roger. He is sculpted and painted by Ann Harris. The donkey is MN Bonnie, a Cricket resin sculpted and painted by Michelle Belisle-Locke. Last but certainly not least is Validator, a Valor resin sculpted and painted by Carol Williams. None of my "kids" were chosen for the overall resin division honors, but I'm not complaining. This was an absolutely super show. I can't wait for the 2010 edition!

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  1. That photo of Indy really highlights all the details in the sculpting and painting. You are such a talented photographer.