Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Surprise find

I have been working on a post about my early attempts at tackmaking. I thought that would be a fun and easy topic, but for some reason it hasn't worked out that way. I can't seem to make the words say what I want and I've become quite frustrated with the whole thing. In an attempt to get the creative juices flowing, I decided to see if I could find pictures of my earliest tack creations. I unearthed a box labeled "Model Horse Stuff" that probably has not been touched since we moved into this house six years ago. There were no pictures in it, but I did find all kinds of other neat stuff including a stack of old performance NAN cards.Of course once I found the cards, I had to go looking for the horses that won them. Here's a winners circle picture some ten years after the fact:
Raindrops on Roses, Etiquette and Roll 'em Pete with their NAN cards
These cards date back to 1999 and early 2000--before I had children and before I owned resins. It would be six long years before I entered another live show, and by that time I had a substantially different showstring. Most of my OF's were packed away or sold, and my hobby interests had shifted almost entirely to resins and customs. I'm still focused on resins and customs, but it was awfully nice to renew my acquaintance with these three former stars. And you know, that Cantering Welsh Pony has ten English Performance NAN cards, I wonder how many more she' need for some kind of NAMHSA merit award...

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  1. Ahh, the good ol' neon pink days! I have several collections of those myself. I also have a similar group of horses that I first showed performance with that I can't ever sell - one is that chestnut gem twist "Monte", and another is my OF stud spider "Mister Mister". They both actually top tenned at NAN 2002, hilariously enough!

    I think you should bring them out for more shows, give them a chance to add light pink to their collection!