Saturday, August 1, 2015

Digging up bones

There is a stack of old horse magazines in my parents' basement. Every time I come home, my mom asks me if she can throw them away. I usually tell her that she can, but I wish she wouldn't. Today, I decided to go through them and maybe throw them away myself.
The vast majority of the pile consisted of Saddlebred magazines from the late 1970's and early to mid 1980's. These were given to me by my father's secretary, Betty Jane, who owned Saddlebreds.
There are also several copies of the American Horse Show Association's Horse Show magazine. These also came from Betty Jane. 
The remainder was made up of horse racing titles and, strangely, one copy of Peruvian Horse World
And--score!--there was also an issue of Sports Illustrated with my hero, Affirmed, on the cover. Rest assured, this one is not destined for the trash can.
I was also surprised to discover a few non-magazine items in the mix. Some things, like this fold up poster from a 1970's kiddie magazine, were obvious discards... 
others, including this page from an eighth grade science project, are going home in my suitcase. 
The best and most surprising find were four old calendars. 
These were notable not for the photos... 
Looks like Trillium
but for what's written inside.  
April 1985
It should come as no surprise that someone who's written more than three thousand blog posts has always used words to memorialize her days. Most of the calendar notes are pretty mundane, mentions of  birthdays and orthodontist appointments and the like.
January 18, 1978
However, I also spent a lot of time recording my horse life. This entry, July 13, 1979, celebrates my first ever riding lesson at Eaton Canyon Riding Club. I was ten and a half.
July 13, 1979
Since I was a big time racing fan, I recorded race results, too. 
March 4, 1979
This page, from May 1981, includes information about both my weekly riding lessons and horse races.
May 1981
Model horse purchases also got a mention, as did heat waves. 
August 1981
Boy, am I glad I didn't let my mom throw these away! I've had so much fun revisiting 1978, 1979, 1981 and 1985. The calendars, and a few select magazines (but not the poster!), have been tucked into my suitcase and will accompany me home to Colorado on Monday.


  1. What a great find!!! In my house, if you didn't save it yourself, it didn't get saved.

  2. Maybe someone would enjoy these magazines if you're going to throw them away? how about donating to a live show or offering up to hobbyists?

    1. I agree that would be ideal, but... The magazines are in California and I live in Colorado. They're old and brittle and heavy to ship. Not worth the bother, really.

  3. Hey...while you are here in So Cal., pop over to Broken Horse in Baldwin Park ( just down the 605 to the 10) one of the best saddle shops both English and Western

  4. From a total, confirmed pack-rat - yay for your mom and yay for you with all the great notations! Plus, if you're ever hard up for money that copy of SI is probably worth some money - though if you feel anything for it like I do my Secretariat TIME cover, which would have to be pried from my cold, dead hands - I'm sure it's going nowhere. ;)