Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Candy corn, take two

I made a whole pile of 1:9 scale candy corn for my model horses, but it never occurred to me that the real horses might like some as well, at least not until Olivia left this comment on last Friday's post.
"That sounds like a blog post!" I said, so I bought a bag of candy corn and headed out to the barn. 
Longtime readers may recall my unsuccessful, multi-year search for a horse that would eat Peeps. I halfway expected this to be more of the same, but all it took was one tiny taste of candy corn to transform this normally polite Santana.. 
a candy corn seeking monster. 
Stealth and MiRizon came over to see what the fuss was about... 
and almost instantly, they were also hooked.
Flash mob.
I extricated myself from circle of candy corn lust and found Chino.
Thoughtful chewing. 
"Hey! That was good!" 
"More please!"
"Nom! Nom! Nom!" 
By this point, it was clear that most horses really do like candy corn. Still, I felt compelled to test the theory one more time. For Science. 
Thunder can get a little bit mouthy so his treats go in the feeder. He was a little dubious at first...
But not for long! 
The results are in and they are unequivocal.
Thank you, Olivia! That was an excellent suggestion!

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  1. Yay! That worked out perfectly. I have a recipe for pumpkin horse treats and I put the pumpkin shaped candy corns on top. One time I tried giving them the straight up candy corn and discovered they all loved it.