Sunday, August 26, 2018

Pictures from today's ride

Today Thunder and I went for a nice long ride with Mary Jo and Scarlett and Janet and Stetson.
Although the temperatures were decidedly warm, this was the first time in a long time that our sky was clear and smoke free. Look, you can actually see the mountains!
We passed another group of riders from Kenlyn on the way out. 
Linda had a double knee replacement last winter. It's so good to see her in the saddle again. 
Stetson really wanted to go back to the barn with that group, but Janet was able to persuade him to keep going. 
After all, we had something new and exciting to explore! 
The city of Aurora is extending Sixth Avenue right through our open space. Construction has just begun, but the trail is still open to riders via a narrow, fenced detour.
Today was the first time any of us had ridden through the detour. 
All three horses handled it just fine.
I suspect it might be different when construction is actually happening, but that's why we chose to do this on a Sunday.
At the end of the first detour, we found a CAT. 
Of course, this meant we all had to take pictures with it. 
Big horse, bigger CAT.
Cutest pony, almost small enough to fit in the scoop.
Then we passed through a second detour...
and popped out at Eagle's Nest
It's so gorgeous here.  
Of course, we had to take more photos. 
It's hard to believe this set of photos was taken just a few minutes from the others, but that's urban trail riding in a nutshell. For every gorgeous landscape there's a junkyard, an outhouse or a CAT! 
We cooled down in the stream...
I love this shot... 
then headed back.
We passed through the detours...
and continued on to the barn.
I really am trying not to overwhelm this space with ride photos, but some rides are just too good not to share. This was one of them. Tomorrow, I promise, I'll have something model related.


  1. Jennifer
    Was just wwondering--does the stable where you ride charge you for riding--or are they considered *personal* horses and you can ride whenever you want??
    My apologies for the somewhat *dumb* question-but I'm an little bit older rider and where we live(inside city limits), we have to go to our closest State Park and they charge a certain fee per rider to ride for 2-3 miles! (A few friends of mine and I wanted to go riding this weekend- but we hadn't been in awhile, so the prices were a bit of a surprise!)
    How many miles do you usually travel? The area where you take your photos looks like it's in a nature preserve!
    If it's NOT,I *wish* I had your backyard!

    1. All of these horses are privately owned. Five years ago, I leased a horse at this barn. I got to know people and they got to know me, and when that horse (and the lease horse that followed him) went on down the road, people started offering me horses to ride. It's just kind of built from there.

      I keep meaning to write a "How to ride other people's horses" post. One of these days... :D

    2. Also, here's a couple posts that show the beauty and non-beauty of our trails.

      Unnatural Trail, Part One

      Unnatural Trail, Part Two