Thursday, December 6, 2018

Easter eggs

My favorite colors - at least in the context of model horse showing - are blue...
and pink.
I admit it: I like winning.
When I am preparing my entries for a show, I always take the judge's preferences into consideration. For example, if I know someone likes outhouses, I will probably build her an outhouse jump. I am considerate that way.
However, I also know that the most important judge is me. Regardless of placings, I really want to like every one of my entries.
To that end, I often add little touches just for myself. Sometimes these are subtle, and I'm pretty sure no one but me notices them. Other times, they're kind of obvious. At Battle of BreedsMieka was my Easter egg.
She showed up in no less than four classes.
In some, she was an important part of the set-up.
Other times, she was barely visible. 
Either way, I was happy every time I put her on the table.
Performance showing is hard, and no one wins all the time. Whatever you can do to make it fun is worth doing. Hide those Easter eggs!

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  1. Love this idea - I'm going to find a way to have more Easter eggs in my set ups!