Thursday, April 11, 2013

Amigas y caballos

Every couple months, my friends Carol and Cathy and I get together for a Margarita lunch.  Usually we go to Senor Rics because it's close, the food is good and the prices are budget friendly.  Today, however, we decided to try somewhere new.
The inside decor was so bright... 
that it took me a moment to realize...
that I'd stumbled upon a very horsey restaurant!
One entire row of tables was decorated with horse pictures. 
This one's my favorite. 
We weren't seated in the horsey section, but that's ok.  Now I have a good reason to go back!


  1. That's one of our advertisers.... :D

  2. Wow! That is great! I go another Mexican Restaurant that those tables as well! I love sitting at those!


  3. I guess there is a factory somewhere in Mexico producing hand-carved and painted wooden booths and tables for Am-Ex restaurants, because I have encountered the exact same ones in three establishments here. Yes, lots of horses! Also misshapen Disney characters, girls in low-cut dresses with very large bazongas, etc. It's quite a dizzying array. :-)

    1. I didn't notice the Disney figures. Doesn't mean they weren't there--I just didn't notice them. We were seated in the tropical birds and flowers section. Next time I want the horses! :)