Saturday, April 28, 2018

Retro performance

The Outhouse Class wasn't the only unusual entry in Rocky Mountain Spring Fling's performance line-up. There was also a Retro Performance class. There were a lot of ways to tackle this class, but I decided to go with a 1970's era Western Pleasure entry created mostly with vintage tack, props and dolls. 
Olivia wore a dark oil Kathleen Bond saddle paired with a fringed saddle pad. The romal reins were made by me in the mid-1990's. The headstall is new, but features a handmade Carol Howard bit and first generation Rio Rondo hardware. The doll is a Mego Mary Ann Walton dressed by Jan Stevens, and the panel fencing was purchased from Sulser Saddlery. My documentation included old invoices and sales ads for all the artists whose work was featured in the entry.
Teresa took a similar approach, using all her old tack on her oldest performance horse. The bridge was made by her father. 
Sandy's entry wasn't about old pieces. It was all about old dreams. Her documentation said: When I was a young girl in the '70's, I dreamt of owning the perfect horse and the perfect saddle. When I got into model horse performance showing as an adult, I coveted a saddle with a figural horse carved into the fenders of a dark oiled saddle. This entry embodies my dreams, a perfectly dappled buckskin who is willing and game for any obstacle I throw at him and a mixture of the tack I desired in the past and present.
I love that, and I loved this class. It was so neat seeing everyone's old things. I really wish I'd had enough time to photograph all the entries. Every last one of them was super. This was such a neat idea, Heather, and definitely one of my favorite classes of the day!

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