Sunday, April 8, 2018

RMSF prepping party

I love model horse shows, so next week is going to be really good for me. Saturday is the debut of Heather Malone's destination show, Rocky Mountain Spring Fling.
This show has it all: wonderful judges, a huge class list, amazing prizes and a really great show hall. I am so excited.
some of the prizes, collage by Heather Malone
Yesterday, Heather invited a group of local hobbyists to a show prep party.
We stuffed show packets...
and assembled the goodie boxes.
Aren't they pretty? 
Molly approves.
We also spent some time admiring the prizes. These ribbons are so cool...
and everyone of us wants to win one of these amazing medallions by Steph Michaud. 
Fingers crossed!
Of course, since this was a party, there was also plenty of food,
and general merriment.
That was so much fun.
Can it be Saturday yet? I can't wait!

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