Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Outhouse Class, part two

It would have been a crime to let my nice Bookshelf Barns outhouse go to waste, so I was forced to prepare a second entry for the Outhouse Class at last Saturday's Rocky Mountain Spring Fling.
The documentation read: Hoping for some peace and quiet, George Morris has retreated to the outhouse to eat his ice cream. Sorry, George. There is no peace and quiet at Rocky Mountain Spring Fling!
This placed second, behind my other entry. I am very proud to have won a performance NAN card with an Otto.
Of course, mine weren't the only entries on the table. I'm not sure who owned this mini outhouse (Christie? Melissa?)...
but this one...
is definitely Sandy's work.
Keep pretending, Erin. We know you love our outhouses! 
Every show should have an Outhouse Class. This was so much fun!


  1. Ten seconds of staring, followed by actual laugh-out-loud -- the use of a jumper is outstanding!
    (..."a crime to...go to waste"...)

  2. You make me wish I still did live shows. Hahahaha