Monday, April 23, 2018

Tiffany saves the day

I could have never made it through the entire Rocky Mountain Spring Fling performance class list without the help of Tiffany Purdy.
In addition to making Olivia, the multi-maned performance pony...
She also lent me an amazing Cary Nelson Arabian costume and doll,
a gorgeous youth Native American costume set,
a Victorian sidesaddle set,
sleigh dolls, 
my favorite youth Western show set,
broom polo props...
and this awesome little doll who found her way into several entries.
There was also a really great trick riding set by Rachel Fail and Joan Yount, but Other Western was the last class of the day and I was so tired. One more tack change might have killed me, so I opted for bareback equitation instead.
Thank you so much, Tiffany. You've earned your harness!

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