Thursday, April 12, 2018

The mane attraction

Today was a really good mail day. I got my Bookshelf Barn arena walls.
 I also got my loaner performance items...
and Sandy's brand new Purdy horse.
Sandy's horse is gorgeous and should belong to me. I'm not dwelling on that, however, because I also received Purdy Number Thirty.
Because of Erin, I can'r share photos of her yet, but here are her manes. They attach to her neck with magnets, and I have spent half the day happily clicking them into place.
Is it Saturday yet? I can't wait!


  1. how come you get to show mine???

  2. Nine tenths, Sandy. Nine tenths.

  3. Sandy not my fault I just asked her to make sure he was ok like you asked!

  4. Let's see Breyer try out those magnetized manes and tails, instead of separate molds that lift off the model after time. (glares at her Classic American Pharoah)

    1. You can try fixing it with heat and gently pushing it into place. A hairdryer might even work. I've fixed a couple of mine that way.

    2. I will give that a try, thanks. :)

  5. When can we see her? :D Dying to look at her Purdy face! - Horsegirl275