Saturday, April 21, 2018

Causing a scene

Lu Heater and Sandy Sanderson are both scene class masters. It's hard to compete with them, so usually I don't try.

At Rocky Mountain Spring Fling, I was determined to try.

Since I'd already built a snowy road diorama for the Pleasure Driving class,
I decided to use that to create a horse sledding scene. 
This was based on a post I'd written way back in February 2012.
photo courtesy of Dom Turner
I worked really hard on the details of this scene so that it would be both interesting and believable. 
I didn't think I had a chance at beating Lu and Sandy, but I was pleased with my efforts nonetheless.
Not surprisingly, Lu...
and Sandy brought their A games.
This Man from Snowy River set-up is truly extraordinary.
And yet, somehow this happened.
This was one of my most satisfying wins of the day. I think I am done avoiding the scene class forever!

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