Saturday, April 14, 2018

The calm before the storm

Earlier this year, I judged two of my best friends at A Midwinter Night's Ball in Georgetown, Texas. They are both really excellent performance showers, and I worried about the possibility of champing them both. 

"It's not that I want to give all the top prizes to my friends," I told Seth before I left for Texas. "But they might not give me an option."
They didn't.
Today, the tables are turned, and Erin is judging my brand new performance horse.
I have worked really hard on my entries. 
I don't know if I'll win a championship, but if I do, it's not because Erin and I are friends. I will have earned it.


  1. I love the CF Connemara. I have two. Hmm, those snails have me curious. Beach scene?

  2. So now we see... That's fast mane unbraiding!