Sunday, April 29, 2018

Sunday funday

Some of the best parts of Rocky Mountain Spring Fling didn't happen in the show hall. Instead, the took place the day after the show when Heather treated her visiting staff and friends to a tour of some of Denver's local attractions. The day started with brunch at the Denver Biscuit Company at the Stanley Martketplace.
After our meal, the group split into three smaller groups. Lesli and Alan drove to Boulder, Erin and Jackie went to Wash Park and Heather, Stephanie, Barb, Liz and I headed up to the high country.
Our first stop was Dillon Reservoir.
We got out and took pictures.
 and lots of pictures.
This one is my favorite.
Then we climbed back into the cars and drove up Loveland Pass.
There were lots of stops... 
and lots more pictures. 
The scenery was breathtaking. 
I never get tired of this. 
Finally, we reached the summit.
We took still more pictures...
then headed back down the mountain to Casa Bonita.
The campy charms of this shabby Denver landmark were initially lost on some of the out of towners...
but eventually they came around.
Remember, Liz, no one goes there for the food!
 These are great people and this was a wonderful day.
Thank you for a really super weekend, Heather. I can't wait to do it again in 2020!

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  1. I went to Casa Bonita a few times as a teen. What a place for the imagination.