Monday, April 2, 2018

NaMoPaiMo classes

If my calculations are correct, it's possible that as many as eleven NaMoPaiMo horses could turn up at Rocky Mountain Spring Fling.
Most of these are eligible to show in the Amateur Owner workmanship division, but I am hoping there will also be an impromptu NaMoPaiMo class. These classes have sprung up in Iowa,
Taylor Stickrod, Amanda Bowe and Sondra Householder
Marilyn Jensen, Alicia Vogel, Erin Dunn, LoGeana Anderson and Taylor Trent
photo by Christie Partee
and Massachusetts. 
photo by Corrie McDermott
To the best of my knowledge, none of these classes were planned ahead of time. They were added to the class list on the day of the show and were judged by people's choice.
Marilyn Jensen's Brownie
photo by LoGeana Anderson
Alicia Vogel's Valegro was the big winner at Tournament of Champions. He won the NaMoPaiMo class...
photo by LoGeana Anderson
and also placed first in dressage...
and was Reserve Champion of the Custom Sport division.
Danielle Feldman's Tadpole was the crowd favorite at Southern New England Winter Round Up (SNEWRU).
Some of the other horses in the class included Corrie McDermott's beautiful Tiny,
Linda White's wonderful Tee-nah mule...
and Anne Giles' Rockinhorse Wild Rose, who won a rosette in her breed division!
It makes me so happy seeing all these NaMoPaiMo horses in the show ring, and I can't wait to see the Rocky Mountain Spring Fling line-up!

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