Tuesday, April 17, 2018

NaMoPaiMo at RMSF

There were a lot of NaMoPaiMo horses in the show hall on Saturday, so at lunch, we lined them up and took a picture. From left to right and back to front, this is Alex Aarons, Meredith Warren, Lu Heater, Marilyn Jensen, Kirsten Wellman, Fabian Rodriguez, Stephanie Blaylock and Jennifer Buxton. Melissa Addison, Renae Grinlaubs, Rachel Germain, Kenzie Parr and Christie Richardson attended the show, but didn't make the photo.
Here's a closer look at some of those NaMoPaiMo horses. 
It was so fun seeing them all in person. 
We had models from both years...
and many, like Hoka Hey and Ryan's Blue Mustang, that are now owned by someone other than their painter. 
Rocky Mountain Spring Fling had an Amateur Owner painter division, and most of these models showed there. Here's Alex's stablemate, 
Kenzie's warmblood,
 and my Clydesdale with their Amateur Owner ribbons.
Some of the horses also showed in the Open classes. Here's Lu's Quarter Horse showing in performance...
and Rachel's drafter showing in Custom Breed,
Last but certainly not least, here is Stephanie's magnificent Appaloosa. The judge liked him as much as I do!
Thank you to everyone who brought out their NaMoPaiMo horses on Saturday, and also to Heather for supporting NaMoPaiMo and amateur owner artists!

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  1. It is grand to see them in person, especially the off side of that Duende Appy. I may have to get Straight Bet.