Friday, April 20, 2018

Jackie saves the day

English and Western Natural Trail were late additions to the Rocky Mountain Spring Fling classlist. My goal for the show was to enter every single performance class, so at first, I was a little put out at having to come up with two more class ideas.

Then I went to Target and found a 1:9 scale toilet in the toy department. I thought it was funny so I took it home and posted this picture on Facebook.
A couple hours later, I received a message from Jackie Arns Rossi. It read: So. That potty came from Target? I need one to add to my junkyard for a trail scene I call Nature Trail to Hell. 

I have wolfdogs, a toxic waste barrel, rebar and beer bottles. Obviously I need a commode. I can also send all this crap along if needed for trail. It’s just a chain link fence with a horse Calmly Trotting By and all sorts of hell going on.

Let me know if you need stuff so I can set it aside when I pack.

And just like that, I had a plan for Western Natural Trail.

I decided to beef up Jackie's set-up with a few extras, most notably a leaking toxic waste barrel filled with Outhouse Snails. The date on the barrel is Erin's birthday.
Then Santana and I went on a bareback trail ride in search of reference pictures.
That'll do.
This entry was so much fun to set up.
I really wasn't expecting to win, but we all know that Erin secretly loves toilets, snails and Jose. 
Give this man a blue ribbon!
Thanks for the help, Jackie. That was awesome!