Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Parade of drafts

While I was at BreyerFest, I took in two separate showings of the Kentucky Horse Park's Parade of Breeds, both of which were heavily focused on draft horses.
I'm not a big draft horse fan, but I still enjoyed both shows. This was the first time I'd ever seen an American Cream...
love those eyes!... 
or a Suffolk Punch.
This mare was as broad as she was tall.
She was ridden bareback with a driving bridle. I'm sure this was because there are no saddles that fit her unique physique!
The Clydesdale was also exhibited bareback.
I don't usually think draft horses are cute, but this one was. Look at that face. So cheeky!
The Belgian was exhibited in hand.
He was a really tall boy and new to the Parade of Breeds.
He did great. 
I'm always on the lookout for new performance ideas and tack reference pictures, so I sat up and took notice when this Percheron trotted into the ring.  
He wore the kind of  medieval costume that is not authentic but popular at exhibitions and festivals.
I have a galloping draft that I like to show in performance
I've always wanted to make him a costume like this, but his big mane is a significant obstacle.
The Shire also wore a fun costume...
 but again, it included a full neck piece.
There's no way to fit that over a big, flowing mane.
But then...
I saw the Shire's second costume. 
 This one is perfect for Liam. Woo hoo!
Because I am still a horse crazy, ten year old at heart, I will always love the Parade of Breeds. I'm really glad I got to experience it again (twice!). Thank you, BreyerFest!

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  1. Oh, they're all so beautiful! I actually kind of disagree, I absolutely love draft horses and think they're adorable. One of my friends used to have a Clydesdale cross that reminded of the Clydesdale that was being ridden bareback.