Saturday, December 16, 2017

Full dog saddle circle

The only thing more frustrating than making stablemate tack is photographing it.
I tried really hard to take good pictures of Leah's saddle, but eventually things got silly.
The tiny saddle didn't fit any of my ponies...
so I decided to try it on a dog. 
This reminded me of an edited picture of Darcy that appeared on my blog back when she was just a pup. I decided to find that picture again, and in doing so I discovered this amazing fact: the person who edited the photo was none other than Leah Koerper!
Some things are meant to happen, including tiny saddles on jumping dogs. Isn't life awesome?


  1. You make it look so easy XD
    I make stablemate tack but it's taken me ages to become goodish, I love this saddle!

  2. It's not easy, but I have been making English saddles for more than ten years. Most of the building steps are the same regardless of scale.

  3. Hehe, I had forgotten about that picture! How stupendous.
    And it's true... even on a stablemate, pictures do not do this saddle justice.