Saturday, January 21, 2017

Basket case

Tiffany likes to say that she's not a tack maker. This isn't true. She is, in fact, a very good tack maker. She'd just rather spend her time making customs.

Last year, Tiffany made herself a basket saddle.
She showed it successfully at Breyerfest...
and I loved it so much I was inspired to write a post featuring multiple photos of its creation.
It's possible I mentioned my love of this saddle a time or two hundred, and apparently Tiffany took that as a hint. Look what I got for my birthday!
As is always the case with Tiffany's work, her pictures did it no justice. This saddle is even nicer than I thought. The construction is precise and sturdy, and somehow it manages to fit everything from ponies...
on up.
It even fits my big girl, Jennibray
Thank you so much, Tiffany. I am so happy to finally own a Purdy saddle to go with all my Purdy horses!