Sunday, December 17, 2017

NaMoPaiMo is coming

NaMoPaiMo is less than a month and a half away.
From an administrative standpoint, I am ready. I have hired a five person staff to help me administer the Facebook page and created separate NaMoPaiMo email and PayPal accounts. Ryan is building an online entry form, and the NaMoPaiMo prize corral is overflowing with generous donations from some of the hobby's finest artists. I have no doubt that this is going to be the biggest and best hobby event of the year.
Jasmine resin, sculpted and donated by Melanie Miller
On the personal, Jennifer-paints-a-model side of things, things are a little more tenuous. I started prepping two models for NaMoPaiMo last summer.
Then I decided I couldn't wait to paint them.
Proof was finished in October.
Hornet is taking a little longer.
mid November
Let's be honest, this isn't a one month paint job anyway. 
mid December
So now I'm back to prepping.
Except somehow prepping has turned into customizing. Brigid has had a couple minor leg tweaks in addition to a new set of lop ears.
Elizabeth was a waste mold cast that Jenn gave me more than four years ago.
I successfully moved a leg before utterly and completely ruining her neck. There are no pictures of that because it was really too bad to memorialize.
Earlier this week, I dug her up and tried to do an non-invasive fix. It almost worked.
Unfortunately, I am way too picky for "almost". 
So it's back to the drawing board for her.
I think this is going to be better. 
NaMoPaiMo is coming, and I know I will be painting something. I don't know what, though. It might just come down to whoever is prepped first. 


  1. I love the details in Hornet so far! I’m crossing my fingers to have something prepped and ready for NaMoPaiMo (and to actually finish it). :)

  2. I'm so glad I'll be able to participate this year! Missed it last year because we were in the middle of a move.Finally got a body too.I plan to paint a classic Morgan mare.😀

  3. I'm sorry if I'm being annoying,I just have a lot of questions!😁 But do we have to be a member of Facebook to be in Namopaimo?

    1. You do not. There will be online sign up starting January 1. Fill out the form and you're in!

    2. That said, I really can't recommend the Facebook group enough. It is a treasure trove of knowledge and support.