Saturday, December 9, 2017

All the collages!

I had so much fun creating my Twenty eight nine Purdys collage, I decided to make a few more. This one showcases my Chris (Nandell) Flint collection. All these horses were painted by Chris, and two were sculpted by her as well.
Since I decided each collage needed a minimum of five pictures, the rest of these are grouped by sculptor, rather than painter. These are my Gerhardts, 
 my Roses,
my Boguckis... 
and my Williams.
 And then there's the Eberl herd... Wow! How did I get so many?
This was a good exercise in collection appreciation. I feel so fortunate to own all these beautiful models!


  1. Because Eberl is prolific as well as gone to plastic.
    You're as good as a museum!
    They are fantastic, thank you... I'm just waiting for 'tack' to occur to you...

  2. You can never have enough Eberls. She is my all-time favorite. Although I mostly collect non-resins (I have 3 resins) because they are too expensive to have painted well and a bit too fragile, I have at least one (usually more) of very sculpture she has done for Breyer. Morgan Kilbourne is my second favorite and I have everything she's done for Breyer and CF.