Sunday, December 10, 2017

Christmas Carriage Parade

Yesterday, Teresa and I drove out to Parker to attend the Christmas Carriage Parade.
Held every year on the second Saturday in December, the Carriage Parade is a celebration of horses...
and horse drawn vehicles. 
There are a few marching bands...
but mostly.... 
it's all about the horses! 
This year's event was blessed with freakishly warm weather, so the parade route was extra crowded.
I am not very tall, so this was my view for large portions of the parade.
Still, I am nothing if not persistent, so I managed to take a few pictures worthy of sharing.
The parade started... 
with a police escort.
Then it was on to the horses... 
and wagons!
This one won the Best Theme Judges' Favorite award. So cute!
A few horses were presented as is,
most were dressed for the occasion.
and socks were popular horse decor...
as were Christmas ornaments.
Then there was this little pony...
The parade ended with Santa,
Santa's carriage... 
and, of course, the street cleaner!
That was a fun day. I'm glad we went.

1 comment:

  1. I like Santa's team the best, but agree that the bedecked Bears are winners.
    Does Darth Vader work for a barber now?
    Thanks for the nod to marching bands: I was once part of them.