Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Five box day

Yesterday the mailman delivered a stack of hobby related boxes that was taller than Darcy.
 Three of the boxes contained NaMoPaiMo donations.
Medallions sculpted and donated by Samantha White
Breyer Newsworthy donated by Kitty Grubka
Ima Sharpe Cutter resin donated by Ryan Jaeger
The other two were gifts.
My kids are have zero interest in presents from hobby friends, unless the friend is Bobbie Allen. They love Bobbie's Japanese goodie boxes. She always sends a perfect mix of weird and wonderful!
The last package was from Anne Field. 
I have to admit, I get a little worried when someone describes an item as "something I need to have." Usually that's code for "This is weird and it reminded me of you." However, in the case of this almost 1:9 scale playground set, I am not offended in the least. This thing is awesome, and I really did need to have it.
I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do with it... 
but I'll think of something! 
Thank you so much, Samantha, Kitty, Ryan, Bobbie and Anne. That was a most excellent mail day!

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