Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Unicorn Christmas

This is the tree we picked this year. 
We went inside to pay for it, and came face to face with a big display of unicorn Christmas items.
"Hey, Mom," James said gleefully. "Look at all the horses!" 
He knows this irritates me.
Unicorns are not horses
This one is pretty cute, though. 
And one of these looks a lot like Native Dancer. 
Ryan and James 💜 unicorns...
And maybe I do just a little bit, too.


  1. The heck, that IS Native Dancer! Was there ever a model horse manufacturer more ripped off than Breyer? I have several metal rip-offs made in Hong Kong in different sizes, part of my metal (as opposed to plastic and resin) collection.

    1. Native Dancer started out as a Hagen Renaker so this is essentially a copy of a copy. With a horn.