Sunday, March 19, 2017

Rocky Mountain Horse Expo 2017

Last Sunday, I attended the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo with Fabian, Jenn and Leila.
We spent the first part of our day at the trade show...
looking at tack...
and models.
The tack offerings... 
were plentiful... 
and varied.
There was something for everyone, even Tiffany!
No surprise, most of the models were Breyers.
However, we also found this trio of Tabatha Pack resins in the Art Show. That's Elnathan and two copies of Heza Classy Chic. Maybe next year, Jenn can enter her fabulous new Covergirl sculpture.
The miniature horses were on exhibit just beyond the art show.
So cute. 
They required lots of pets. 
At this point, we decided we'd rather see real horses than shop, so we headed over to the Event Center.
We spent some time in the barn area...
petting noses... 
and taking pictures. 
Then we settled in at the main arena, where we watched Steuart Pittman's Teach Your Horse How to Jump Well demonstration...
and the finale of the Colt Starting Challenge USA
This was an interesting competition in which each contestant is given a young, unbroken horse to start under saddle. After two days and four training sessions, competitors show their horses over a basic obstacle course. 
There were a few rough moments, but most of the horses did very well. I will discuss this event in greater detail in future posts.
I always enjoy the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo, and this year was no exception. Thanks for spending the day with me, Fabian, Jenn and Leila. Let's do it again next year!

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