Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Show me your studio, part three

Model horse studios come in all shapes and sizes. Some are big, some are small. Some are messy, some are clean. Some are specialized and some serve multiple purposes. And then there are some that look like they should be featured in a magazine. The third and final part of our studio tour visits the dream studios.
Anna Dobrowolska-Oczko's studio
Jen Olp's studio is a mobile unit. She says: I saved my pennies for years and looked feverishly to find this mobile unit. Took some work to make her pretty again, but it was well worth it in the end, thanks to my wonderful hubby!
This is Isaac Brushett's studio.
He says it's not really finished yet, as he plans to fill the wall above his desk with art.
Even without the art, it looks pretty good to me.
Then again, here is Tammi Palmarchuk's studio, complete with art above the desk. 
This elegant room also houses Tammi's model collection in a museum-like display. So gorgeous!
Thank you so much to all the artists who contributed to this series. I loved peeking inside your studios!

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