Monday, March 6, 2017

Viva les novices!

Margaret Balch wasn't the only new painter to participate in NaMoPaiMo. We had a large number of beginners, including first-timers Mackenzie Purdy,
Maddie Klein,
 and Meredith Conrad.
This is Emma Ransom-Jones first ever custom. She took him to a show last weekend, and he placed second in a class for horses painted by their owners. Congratulations, Emma!
Ondřej Moučka's official NaMoPaiMo pony was her second custom, but only because she painted a practice pony earlier in the month. 
Nicole Severs had started two other horses, prior to NaMoPaiMo, but this is the first one she's ever finished.
This is Camille Sorrentino's second custom...
and Kitty Grubka says this was both her second and third, because she had to paint her twice! 
Stephanie McIntyre didn't specify how many models she's painted before NaMoPaiMo, but she did say this was her first truly successful one.
Congratulations to all the novices who decided to take the NaMoPaiMo challenge. You did great. Please keep painting!

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  1. Wow, very very nice painting!!! They all did such a great job!! A real talents!! Thanks for sharing:)