Monday, March 27, 2017

Show me your studio, part one

I am away from my studio this week, which makes me a tiny bit homesick. 
Still my favorite studio photo, taken in 2011
Because of that, I've decided this is the perfect week to visit other hobby artists' studios. 
Maggie Bennett's studio
These photos were originally shared on the NaMoPaiMo Facebook page, and I am delighted to re-post them here.
Nan Wagner's studio
Jennifer Danza's studio is divided into three sections. One area is for sculpting, 
another for illustration...
and the third for painting and general hobby stuff. Not surprisingly, this is the messy one!
Similarly, Hanna Bear's studio serves multiple purposes. She writes: For those wondering, this is also my full-size leathercrafting and mixed media studio...
hence the mountains of hides and the fence post on the floor!
I love all the tools... and the dog!
Becca Brooks describes her work desk as "a huge mess." It's shown here in tack making mode. 
Alison Martin says: Here's mine, for the split second it was clean.
Charlotte Donahue describes her studio this way: It ain't pretty, but it's mine and it's paid for!

Here's another messy work area, complete with sleeping terrier. This one belongs to Teresa Botkins who says: Katie has always liked to hang out under the table when I paint, ever since she was a puppy. I think she likes the vibrations from the compressor.
Studios come in all shapes and sizes. Rachel Mitchell writes: I am very fortunate we bought this house two years ago. It is perfect for us and huge for a family (most of the time) of three. I use the "den" as my studio, which gives me a very large space to work in. This is my tack desk...
and this is my painting area.
Sara Gifford refers to her studio as a "dungeon." 
I'm assuming that's because it's located in the basement.
There's nothing else about these photos that looks remotely dungeon-like to me!
Missy Halvas's craft room is a small spare bedroom in the basement. She says: My husband made a built in counter-top on one side of the room and put in lights. Usually this is a tack making space, but I also paint here. There are built in shelves above the desk that house tack supplies and part of my collection. This room is mostly about costume making so literally every little bin and tote is dedicated to that.
Directly behind my desk, I have an L shaped computer desk with my laptop and a cork board for pinning ideas. This is usually full, but I just cleared it before taking this photo!
There's also a nook in the egress window with a blankie for my kitty, "Booboo." This window fills up with frogs in the summer which provides her with hours of entertainment!
Also in the first corner by the door is an embarrassing display of nail polish...that whole dresser is packed with nail stuff. One of my other addictions/hobbies.
And finally a peek in the closet to see more pretties hiding. This is the whole reason I need to learn to paint! They just keep coming!
Here's another basement studio. This one is shared by Laura Rock-Smith and her daughter. 
According to Laura, her daughter is responsible for the messy side!
Thank you, Maggie, Nan, Jennifer, Hanna, Becca, Alison, Charlotte, Teresa, Rachel, Sara, Missy and Laura for sharing your studios! Next time we'll look at the teeny tiny workspaces.


  1. This is so cool. I always wanted to see these, thanks everyone. Is a teeny tiny workspace a miniature studio?

    1. Tiny studios will be in the spotlight tomorrow.


  2. Oooh so cool to see where the magic happens! Also makes me super anxious to get mine set up again!