Thursday, March 16, 2017

Unpacking party

Two and a half years ago, my friend, Heather Malone, packed her bags and moved to Texas. It was a career move, so I was happy for her, but sad for me and, also, for the entire Colorado hobby community. We're a small but tight-knit group. We don't like it when someone moves away. 

Fortunately, nothing is forever, not even Texas. Two and a half weeks ago, Heather repacked those bags and came home to Colorado.

This made me so happy.

Teresa and Yashka shared my feelings, so last weekend we gathered at Heather's new house to celebrate and unpack the ponies.
We started with the Chinas.
Heather has a really nice China collection so this involved lots of careful handling...
punctuated by frequent pauses...
to admire... 
all the shiny ponies! 
It took a while... 
but eventually they were all safely lined up... 
inside the china cabinet. 
Once that was done, we moved upstairs and unpacked the plastics.
Heather has an eclectic original finish collection, that is equal parts old and new...
with an emphasis on Cantering Welsh Ponies and Valegros.
We ended our day with the customs...
and resins. 
 Heather's amazing collection of Huttons...
found a home in the office's built-in shelving...
while the rest of the models went into this case.
It was such a treat to see Heather's collection outside of the show ring.
She owns so many neat things.
And in all those boxes, there was only one casualty!
This was a really fun day. I'm so glad you're back in Colorado, Heather. Please don't ever leave again!


  1. Unless it's to come back to North Carolina! ;)

    1. No! She's ours now. You can't have her back.

    2. I'm with Jennifer :D

  2. Replies
    1. Unpacking other people's horses is a lot of fun!