Wednesday, March 22, 2017

NaMoPaiMo in the showring

First we painted them.
Now we're showing them.
Custom Weather Girl by Audrey Dixon
All across the globe...
The Perfect Gentleman, Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig Fritz resin customized by Kylee Parks, Owned and painted by Zoe Antrobus
NaMoPaiMo models have started making their show ring debuts.
SWF Apollo's Lyre, Kitty Cantrell Rastus resin
Customized, painted and owned by Carissa Kirksey

Most are showing in halter... 
Valencia, custom Breyer Salinero owned and painted by Elena Lemm
but a few have ventured into the performance ring as well.
Owned and customized by Lydia Ledward
It's not all blue ribbons and championships...
Notch On My Belt, Maggie Bennett Amarant resin, painted and owned by Erika Baird
(although those have happened)...
Zephyrus, Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig Stormwatch resin
Painted and owned by DeeAnn Kjelshus
but I think everyone is happy with their models.
Benicio resin painted and owned by Julie Brooks
That's what really counts, right?
Unicorn/Narwhal project customized and painted by Vincent Lange
Congratulations again to all the NaMoPaiMo painters. You are all champions to me!

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