Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Rush orders

Back in my mobile tack shop days, I measured a lot of people for custom tall boots. One of the companies we worked with offered two different rush order options. A regular rush put you in front of all the non-rushed orders, but a super rush put you right at the head of the line, ahead of even the other rush orders.
As you can imagine, a super rush was really expensive. 
Once upon a time, I was a really fast tack maker. So fast, in fact, I often joked about offering my own rush and super rush order options.
A few of my friends said they would love that. They would happily pay extra to get something done right now. Other people were less enthusiastic. "If you do that," they counseled, "You'll get a reputation for being a greedy money grubber. Everyone will hate you." I didn't want that, and honestly, my tack wasn't in great demand back then. My plan for rush orders never went past the talking stage.
I'm a much better tack maker now, but I'm also a lot slower. So slow, in fact, I would never consider offering a rush service. I'm not really concerned about people hating me anymore, but I'd be worried about holding up my side of the bargain. After all, if you're going to charge a rush fee, you need to be able to deliver in a hurry.
Then again, I just made a complete saddle set in three days. Not only that, but it turned out really well. Hmmmmmm. Maybe someday in the mythical time when there is no backlog, rush orders will be a thing. Probably not... but maybe!


  1. Three Day Bender will wear that set on Saturday. If she breaks her ear again she will keep showing with a note that she lost part of her ear to frostbite!

    1. I'm looking forward to the pictures!

      (hint, hint!)

  2. That is gorgeous. And it has pink!

  3. Looks amazing!

    Random fact: I just got a horse today!

  4. I really like that "mythical time when there is no backlog." : ) Congratulations on a superb use of color: Even the tufting is pink!!

  5. Wow that set is gorgeous and I can't believe how fast you made it! :O

  6. I can't wait to see this set on Saturday

  7. It's amazing sometimes how it can take you over two week to make a set, and other times you can make an entire set in under a week. Colourful saddles and commissions seem to always help me work faster :P