Thursday, July 21, 2016

Purdy domiNANce

There weren't a lot of Purdy horses pictured in either of yesterday's NAN posts. This might lead some readers to conclude that Tiffany had an off day...

Nothing could be further from the truth.
photo by Heather Malone
Tiffany showed six models in the Custom and Resin performance division, and between them, they won a whole table full of prizes.
Purdy English Rose started the day off with a Reserve Champion in the Harness class...
and also placed Top Ten in the very competitive Scene/Other Performance class.
Sassy Little Secret was top ten Arab/Barb/Marwari costume, 
photo by Leah Koerper
Reserve Champion Western Arena Trail-Other Type, 
and Champion Western Pleasure-Other Type.
photo by Pat Coulter
PHF Splash Fire won the Native American costume,
 was Reserve Champion in Speed Games, 
Top Ten in Stockwork...
photo by Heather Moreton
and Top Ten in Other Western Performance.
photo by Heather Moreton
Cerin won a gold cookie in the Scene/Other Performance...
and PHF Baron Brass was Top Ten in Saddleseat. I couldn't find a picture of that, so here he is looking stylish in Parade tack.
photo by Mackenzie Purdy
As well as those five did, Peaches Dun Purdy was Tiffany's brightest star of the day. He was Champion Hunter, 
Champion English Arena Trail, 
Reserve Champion English Pleasure, 
and Champion Western Pleasure-Stock Type. That's four cookies in four classes! This horse is a performance machine.
Erin Corbett also had two Purdy performance horses. PHF Stress Dream placed Top Ten in English Pleasure...
and ES Mr Purdtastic was Reserve Champion Stockwork and Top Ten Other Western Performance.
Leah Koerper's PHF Richard Squared also made several trips into the showring. He was Top Ten English Arena Trail, Top Ten English Pleasure, Top Ten Reining/Western Riding/Western Dressage, Top Ten Western Arena Trail-Other Type, Top Ten Western Pleasure-Other Type and, most notably, Reserve Champion Hunter.
This was Leah's first ever NAN trophy. Congratulations, Leah! 
And Congratulations to Tiffany, too. That was a great performance from start to finish.
photo by Heather Malone
Splash Fire, Baron Brass and Peaches Dun Purdy are all for sale in Room 220 at the Clarion Holiday Inn North. Be sure to stop by and tell Tiffany I sent you!