Friday, July 29, 2016


A couple months ago, Erin asked Tiffany and I which Harley she should use as her original finish performance horse at this year's Breyerfest Live. I suggested the premier club Appaloosa.
"LOL," Erin said. "That's the only one I don't have."

"I have one," I told her. "Do you want to borrow him?"

"I would love to," she responded, "but I'd have to buy him from you. Breyerfest rules are very specific. I can't show someone else's horse. He needs to belong to me."
I had to think on that for a bit. My initial reaction was no. I received that model as a gift, and it wouldn't be right to make a profit on him.
Then it occurred to me that I didn't actually have to sell him to Erin. Instead, I could give him to her. In fact, nothing would be more fitting. This model originally belonged to Tiffany. She gave him to Margaret and Margaret gave him to me. It was only right that now I would pass him along to Erin. My only stipulation was that she keep his name.
One week ago, Regifted won the Breyerfest Live OF Western Performance Championship...
and was later crowned Reserve Overall OF Performance Champion.
I am so happy with the way this all worked out. Congratulations, Erin and Regifted!


  1. Why can't you show someone elses horse? You can show someone elses horse at real shows.

    1. Because the prizes are so valuable, Breyer sponsored shows have really strict rules. This is one of them.