Saturday, July 9, 2016

The photos not taken

Back in my mobile tack shop days, I was befriended by a well known horse show photographer.
He spent some time teaching me how to take a sale-able show photo, like this... 
or this.
I appreciated his advice and practiced until I was reasonably consistent...
but I still took a lot of non-saleable photos...
because I think candids,
misbehaving horses...
and the parts of the class that aren't usually photographed...
are just as interesting as this picture over and over and over.
For a while, my photographer friend and I both thought I would work for him once I was done slinging tack.
Instead, I met Seth, got married, moved to Colorado and had a pair of kids.
I have no regrets. I like Colorado, I love my husband and my kids are pretty much the best ever.
Still, every so often I spend a day at the Colorado Horse Park, standing ringside with my camera in hand. 
I take sale-able photos...
and non-sale-photos...
and daydream about the road not taken.


  1. Do you know anything about the grey in the 3rd photo?

  2. This is fantastic. I also am a HUGE fan of "non-sellable" photos.

  3. This is a really super post, and your readers are very lucky.