Thursday, July 7, 2016


You know it's been a busy summer when it takes me almost a month to photograph my awesome new Rachel Fail saddle. 
This is the last piece of the lime green gaming set I've been building since Danielle Hart gifted me with a lime green gaming bridle way back in 2013.
In addition to the saddle itself, I also received a sparkley, fringed breastcollar...
and two ultra cool cinches. Rachel's attention to detail is obvious in every single part of this set. These cinches are fabulous.
Here's all my lime green stuff minus the boots on a horse. The stirrups are a wee bit long for the doll, and I'm not sure I love the saddle and pad together. Those are minor issues, though.
Mostly what I'm thinking when I look at these pictures is: Squeeeeee! 
And: Mine! 
Thank you so much, Rachel. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect saddle to complete my lime gaming set


  1. I love it! Limegreen is the best colour! :-)

  2. Hi! What model is that? A original or a remake? Love the Lime Green!

    1. That is a Whiplash resin sculpted and painted by Chris Nandell Flint.

    2. Hi! Thanks for the info on the model! I knew Chris when her last name was Cook! How time fly's!!!!

  3. All of the pieces are beautiful! :)

  4. Oh, beautiful saddle! I love limegreen colour ♥

  5. For sure this has been said before, but I'll say it again. Rachel should change her name to Rachel SUCCESS! ;o)