Sunday, July 10, 2016

Summer in the Rockies Grand Prix

The $60,000 Summer in the Rockies Grand Prix was held yesterday at the Colorado Horse Park in Parker, Colorado.
Teresa and I were in attendance,
watching horses jump... 
or not. 
Most of them jumped.
It took a long time to get a clear round, but we didn't care.
We were perfectly happy looking at the tack, 
discussing the clothing... 
and engaging in a little dogspotting. 
Soulshine was the first horse to leave all the fences up.
After that, the floodgates opened...
and no less than twelve horses... 
qualified for the jump off. 
Like the first round, the jump off began with several fast, 
but not clear, rounds.
Eventually, however, everyone figured out how best to ride the course...
and several entries went clear.
I thought for sure Will Simpson and The Dude were going to be victorious.
Then the last rider, Juan Manuel Luzardo of  Guadalajara, Mexico, and his horse, Stan, just beat their time.
What a great finish!
We stayed for the victory gallop then headed home, hot, tired but very happy.
What a fun day!


  1. Fabulous photos as usual but oh my god, that DOG! XD

    1. There was no way that dog wasn't going to make the post. Those ears!!!!

  2. I'm also slightly disturbed by the roundings on Stan's bridle, I've never seen them used on such a long-shanked curb! :/

    1. It's some kind of hackamore/bit combo. Not my first choice, but he went kindly in it.

  3. OMG! my trainer is there! Her name is Amanda McConnel! Her horse Pedro and Lacy(China's Legacy) are both super cute and amazing horses!