Friday, July 22, 2016

NAN selfies

Chris Wallbruch came up with the simplest but most ingenious way to take people pictures at this year's NAN and Breakables shows: Instead to pinning them down and saying, "smile for the camera!" she invited everyone to take a selfie with her. I love this so much, and I am so glad she's letting me share those selfies here. To all my friends in Lexington, if you haven't taken a selfie with Chris yet, you need to do so pronto. And yes, I'm looking at you, Baxter!
Anna Tackett
Barb Ness
Cindy Evans
Dayle Steinke
Diana Dubbeld
Diana Patterson
Elizabeth Knoll
Heather Malone
Heather McCurdy
Jackie Arns-Rossi
Jeni Lambert
Kate Cabot
Kathi Bogucki
Kay Myers
Kim Bjorgo-Thorne
Lesli Kathman
Lisa Esping
Liz LaRose
Marilou Mol
Mackenzie Purdy & Tiffany Purdy
Lesli Kathman & Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig
Sarah Townsend
Staci Faraci
Stephanie Blaylock
Sue Rowe
Teresa Buzzell & Pat Coulter
Tom Bainbridge


  1. This is awesome! I miss being there!

    1. I second that: Totally Awesome!

      And a great way to put faces to the names we hear about so often! Two thumbs up!

  2. I love these!! I'm so glad Chris took them and you reposted!

  3. A simple, but most crazy magnificent doing! Thanks, Chris and everybody, for being willing, and thanks, Jennifer, for sharing the deed. Chris - your project is a gift to us all.

  4. So very, very cool. Love seeing these, as I sit at work and at home, not at NAN/BF. Thank you, Chris and Jennifer!

  5. That is a great idea!!! So nice to put faces to names!!!!