Monday, July 11, 2016

Grand prix tack

When I post tack photos from an equestrian event, I usually start with bridles. However, this inevitably evolves into a discussion of bits and bitting vs. training and similar topics. I am not in the mood for that today...
so let's talk stirrups!
When I was living on the circuit, nearly every rider used the same, basic, fillis stirrup irons; four and one quarter inch for women and four and three quarters for men.
The hinged stirrups with the black sleeves on the sides were introduced towards the end of my mobile tack shop days. 
Nowadays, stirrups come in a multitude of styles...
and colors.
Black looks almost traditional...
but orange?
I also spotted a number of riders using these oddly shaped Free Jump Soft'Up Pro stirrups. They sound interesting, but at $370 a pair, I probably won't be trying them anytime soon!
Moving onward and upward, just about every horse in the class wore a running martingale...
a breastplate...
or both.
The most popular option was a breastplate with a running martingale attachment.
The variety of breastplates exceeded that of the stirrups. 
We saw both all-leather and leather and elastic types...
and all sorts of styles.
I'm reasonably well versed in jumper tack, but I did see one piece of equipment that was new to me.
This is an EquiFit Belly Band for Spur Protection
I suppose there's a market for this, but I can't help but think there's a better and simpler way to address the problem. In any event, this is one tack item I will not be reproducing in 1:9 scale.
Hope you enjoyed this edition of real world tack. I might post bridle pictures later, but don't count on it!


  1. I didn't realize those equifit bands were legal for competition. I personally hate them and the spur rub saddle pads as well, but I guess if your horse has super thin skin you'd need one?

    1. That rider had multiple horses, and this was the only one with a band. I guess it was the super thin skinned one?

      Not a fan.

  2. or maybe your crappy riding form has simply NEVER been corrected and your poor horses have no say in the matter....

  3. Or you could take off your spurs??
    Just a thought...

  4. You missed the one with both sets of the Pelham reins through the running martingale rings. :) I like the black stirrups but that is about as far as I would go. Too much opportunity to need to borrow a saddle and a hunter judge would not appreciate the orange.

  5. That spur protector rider needs to just learn how to ride. Her legs are like 6" behind the spur protector so the band isn't even helping anyway. I don't have a problem with spurs so long as the rider knows what they're doing. Not a fan or this set up though.

    1. Yeah. It doesn't seem the band is working well with the riders horrible legs.

  6. oh the comments I will refrain from making... (this is my sport and even I can't help but shake my head)