Thursday, August 13, 2015

Back to school

When my kids were younger, back to school day was freedom day. Now that they're older, back to school day is just... sad. 
Still, it was a good day. I went riding with Collyn in the morning...
and spent the afternoon working on my baby dragon costume.
Here's Speckles with White Trash Girl, who is standing in for his mommy, Snickers. Her costume was made by my friend, Tiffany Purdy.
I thought this would be an easy project, but I really struggled with the hood. It looks okay, but I am not a seamstress. Tiffany's is better.
Tomorrow the kids go back to school again, and I'll tackle some serious tack work. Wish me luck!


  1. A colt's head is a complex 3-dimensional object. I've never made a hood for a colt (heck, hardly ever for an adult). Yours looks fine to me! Great colors... and good luck tomorrow!

  2. Baby dragon! That costume is so cute and it looks like it matches the big one perfectly. I really thought they were made by the same person. :)