Sunday, August 16, 2015

Pictures from today's ride

I had not planned to write another real horse post today, but this morning's trail ride was unexpectedly memorable. 

It started out much like any other ride with me on Sprite and Sandra on Jasmine.
We walked and talked, 
admired the scenery, 
waved to other groups of riders,
and let our horses cool off in the stream...
which Jasmine really seemed to enjoy! 
All of this is wonderful, but pretty much par for the course. 
What made this ride special was the snake.
Yes, that is exactly what it looks like. It's an extra big rattlesnake, and he was right next to the trail. Sprite almost stepped on him! So scary!
Okay, in truth, it was only scary to me. The snake didn't even bother to shake his rattles and neither horse reacted at all. As far as rattlesnake encounters go, this was a pretty good one.

Still scary though...


  1. I jumped! Great shot -- amazing that you got it.

  2. when they are stretched out they cannot strike. My mom stepped on one outside out back door, barefoot. He was soaking up the sun. Mom one/ rattlesnake zero.