Thursday, August 20, 2015

Tack is happening

Tack is happening! It's really happening! 

Although it's only Thursday, this has been the most productive tack week I've had this year. In addition to updating Tiffany's circus costume, I've also made/refurbished/finished one halter and four (!) bridles.

The pink padded nameplate halter...
and snaffle bridle were made from scratch.
This saddleseat bridle is equal parts old and new. The cheekpieces, snaffle rein and curb chain pre-date this blog. The browband, caveson, crownpiece and curb reins are brand new.
The Tennessee Walking Horse bridle is mostly old. All I did to this one was replace two broken straps and update the browband.
I've been working on the fourth bridle on and off for several months. Now--finally!--it's finished. 
This bridle is a collaboration between Erin Corbett and myself. It's made to match the pink and chocolate crystal saddle
Erin cut, tooled and dyed the cheekpieces. I made everything else, including the matching ear piece and romal popper. I'm a pretty good tackmaker, but I'm not going to kid you. It's really hard trying to make tack like Erin Corbett. Really, really, really hard.
It feels so good getting things done. Tomorrow I'm going to tackle that harness!


  1. Yes, it is hard matching another artist, but don't you enjoy the challenge?! I'd say you matched very well. Do the rein connectors open?

  2. *lovely* job on the western bridle!

  3. Do you still take custom orders for take??

    1. Not at this time. I still have several old orders to finish before I can commit to anything new.