Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Circus circus

Three years ago, I made a ridiculous pink and leopard print circus costume for Tiffany's custom Breyer Eberl Haflinger, Moonpie.
Tiffany loved the costume. She showed it at NAN and BreyerFest. Then she sold Moonpie, and it's been sitting in a box ever since. Recently, Tiffany sent the costume back to me and asked if I could make it fit a slightly bigger model, Breyer's Make a Wish. Fortunately for me, the biggest, most time consuming part of the costume--the back pad--fit just fine.
I was able to reuse the breastcollar by changing it from a martingale style collar that went around the neck to a more modern style that attached directly to the back pad.
The false crupper pieces were replaced by an actual crupper. 
There was no way to make the old bridle work, so I built an entirely new one.
Here's the revamped set. If you didn't know better, you would think it was made for this model! 
Tiffany swears she isn't going to sell the horse for whom the costume has been retrofitted. That might be true, but I won't be too surprised if the costume comes back again in another couple years. Until then, I look forward to seeing it in the show ring!


  1. Just wait till Mieka the performing "lion" is added to the set up! Thank you thank you it looks awesome!

  2. looks amazing, love the pink :D

  3. It looks awesome! I love the bridle. :)